16th Seoul International NewMedia Festival

THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER GREAT YEAR. As part of the New Media Film Festival's celebration of Corman's cinematic legacy, sculptor Brent Armstrong created a new piece paying tribute to the work of Paul Blaisdell, the special effects artist who designed monsters for Corman during his early years in the business.

Working in Los Angeles, she "delved into International co-producing, talent producing, directing TV Development and collaborating on innovative projects with her Award winning production company, Select Services Films, Inc." In other words, she's been incredibly busy and has been involved in practically every aspect of Hollywood filmmaking.

Yelp users haven't asked any questions yet about New Media Film Festival. The cutting-edge festival hosts panels featuring industry experts, a red carpet press junket, VIP soirée, 3D opening night, art exhibits, an awards ceremony, screenings with filmmakers, and Q&A sessions.

He is widely recognized as an authoritative spokesperson about movies for his generation, and appears frequently at red carpet movie premieres, awards, and film festivals, interviewing prominent directors from such films as Inside Out, Toy Story 3, Up, How to Train Your Dragon, and Kung Fu Panda.

The label online film festival” is not an easy one to define. The festival has become recognized as the best place to find new talent in filmmaking that uses new media as a platform to tell stories. There are not many festivals pushing the limits - go NMFF!” The festival extends its forward thinking to promote a positive future and proudly honors luminaries with its Socially Responsible Conservationist Award.

Known as 'The Sundance for the Facebook crowd', the New Media Film Festival is now accepting entries. Susan Johnston is President of Select Services Films, Inc. Legendary judges cull over the content for the annual festival in Los Angeles that offers screening, competition ($45k in awards) and distribution opportunities.

Plympton is the storyboard artist on Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest,” an animation short about a young Holocaust survivor, in collaboration with Perry Chen, the sole animator of this film, sponsored by Toon Boom Animation, the leading 2D animation software company; and Wacom, the leading computer tablet company for the animation industry.

New Media Film Festival does not check to make sure that you have cleared these materials at any point during the application process, nor will we be held responsible for any inclusion of uncleared materials in your film. Under the EFP flag, they team up on initiatives to jointly promote the diversity and the spirit of European cinema at key international film festivals and markets.

In a time when ‘media convergence' is a general buzz phrase and when cinema operators fear that the wave of digitalization might extinguish cinephilia as we know it, there has been a proliferation of hybrid forms where film festivals make use of or altogether migrate to the Internet.

From USA, UK, Germany and Sweden, Years & Years: An Artificial Experience Music Motion Picture will have it's LA Premiere at the 7th Annual New Media Film Festival June 7-9 2016 in Los Angeles CA. New Media Film Festival introduces new technology, communication of ideas through panels and Q & A's to implement a more expansive use of 21st technology in storytelling for artists and content creators.

Please add info (at) newmediafilmfestival (dot) com Film Festival to your contacts list to assure you receive our emails. So, it is fitting that the Director of this film and International Surfing Champion, Veronica Grey accepted the award on behalf of Leonardo DiCaprio. The New Media Film Festival is one of the fastest growing film events in the United States of America.

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